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Don’t we all want to achieve our ambitions and be successful? Goals and what success look like may differ from person to person. However, achieving these will deliver the same result for all - fulfilment, happiness and genuine self-belief.

Not everyone has a clear definition of their goals and ambitions. Whilst aspiring to more, they are still searching for what that looks like and means for them.

There may be obstacles in the way preventing ambitions and success from being realised, or not being achieved quickly enough. These real or perceived obstacles include

  • No clear vision of the future and uncertainty about the direction to take.

  • Self doubt and a lack of confidence.

  • Fear of failure.

  • Being ‘stuck in a rut.’

  • Lack of time.

Working in partnership with a great coach is transforming.

After having spent 25 years in the corporate world, I made the decision to change careers and I am now an International Coaching Federation Approved Coach. I am dedicated to coaching my clients so that they too can achieve the breakthrough that I experienced from being coached. The clarity and confidence that I gained enabled me to enjoy and be successful in a new leadership role in that corporate environment.

Working with clients who want results, I help clients

  • To consider and decide on the path to take - their direction and purpose in life.

  • Considering a career change or facing redundancy.

  • To develop their career and plan for the future.

  • Moving into a new role who are ambitious to succeed and secure early wins.

  • Who are current and future leaders keen to strengthen their leadership presence.

  • To manage a challenging career whilst sustaining an active and enjoyably lifestyle.

Having worked in a male dominated industry, I have a particular affinity for coaching women executives in similar work environments.

I believe that enjoying a thriving and successful career will contribute massively to living a purposeful life. I adopt a holistic coaching style, focusing on the ‘whole you’ and not just the ‘career you’.

I say -

‘work is an important piece in the jigsaw of life and all of the pieces must fit together in order to enjoy a fulfilled and engaged life’

Please get in touch to arrange a no obligation discussion to discover what you can achieve with professional coaching.