“Everyone should have a coach…”
- Bill Gates

Alison has been a tremendous help to me whilst I was looking into my future career options. Being coached allowed me to focus on my next steps and what I want to achieve. I would highly recommend Alison to anyone looking to decide on and progress career goals.

Chris Carter Keall - Real Estate Professional.

I have found my coaching sessions with Alison to be extremely helpful in enabling me to focus on the areas I need to develop and explore. Alison has helped me to identify my priorities in terms of avoiding the patterns and behaviours I tend to resort to that are not necessarily positive or advantageous to my role. I started with Alison whilst taking a short career break and she has supported me through this and then through the start of a new role with insightful questioning and appropriate challenge that has helped me self-explore and grow.  Alison has facilitated me being able to develop a 'tool kit' of practical and psychological/emotional methods to enhance my work life balance and enable me to be more effective in role.

Assistant Principal in a large Further Education College

Alison coached me during a stressful period in my life when I was physically and emotionally quite vulnerable. Through her amazing questions and incredible empathy I managed to get stronger and find my confidence again. Thank you Alison for all your help. 


I have been coached by Alison since I began a new role. I wanted to give myself the best opportunity to establish myself quickly, build rapport and succeed in this role. I was also very keen to maintain a healthy work/life balance and continue to live a full, enjoyable life outside of work. Through being coached I have built resilience and developed the confidence to speak up.  Having Alison as my coach has given me real clarity to see where I can make changes and so progress toward where I want to be – to be fully engaged in all aspects of my life.

Data Scientist Vodafone

Alison coached me during my own ICF coaching certification. Even though I felt I was "all coached out" and that I probably didn't need coaching at the time, I continued working with her. Turns out that during my sessions with her Alison helped me uncover a number of things I was not aware of which really helped me moving forward in my own coaching journey. I highly recommend working with Alison. 

International Coaching Federation Approved Coach